Bob Denhert of PLTC Trade Services for a referral to a Chinese client for currency exchange; Jon Morse of Morse Law for the referral to his wife for her currency exchange needs; and, Greg Stuart of Harmony Solutions International for a referral to a credit union for our back-office currency exchange services.

Anita Rodal

Howard Loeb, an attorney licensed in California and New York, whose practice concentrates on fraud litigation and dealer distribution matters would like to thank Gary Bregman, an attorney, Senior Account Executive at Old Republic Title Company. Gary and his colleague and fellow All Cities member, Larry Christian, were available on short notice to provide support and guidance with respect to a possible purchase of a gasoline service station for one of my clients through a Chapter 11 auction sale. Client was impressed with the expertise and willingness of Gary and his team to stand ready to assist in the potential transaction.

Howard M. Loeb P.C.

Anita Rodal of Associated Foreign Exchange would like to thank: Gene Massey of Cinema Shares, Stephen Strocker of AFLAC, Stephen Graham, Media Producer, and Sean Townley of Manufacturers Bank for their quick and much appreciated response to my call for help with medical contacts for my uncle; Sean Townley, again, for a referral to a merchant processing client.

Anita Rodal

Kristy Melton would like to thank Marc Schwartz, Internet Marketing Consultant with WSI Technology Marketing Associates. He referred me to a friend of his that’s looking to refinance her commercial building. Thank you Marc! I would also like to thank John Dur of Gateway Commercial Finance.  John has sent me 3 referrals in the last couple of weeks!  John is responsive and works hard to get funding for his contacts. Thank you for considering me a resource, John!

Kristy Melton

Brian Ramsey, would like to thank Steve Choe sent out a “needs and deals” earlier this month for a client of his looking for help negotiating a lease with 7-11. That client just signed on with our corporate department yesterday.
So, thanks to Steve!

Brian J. Ramsey