David Serber would like to thank both Eric Shaw and Walter Buttkus of PMC Financial Services for the recent referral. I was happy to appraise an Animal Hospital in Culver City which helped Walter’s Client. Both Eric and Walter went above and beyond and I appreciate their referral.

David Serber

Deborah Frankle would like to say “Thank You” to Carol Sternberg for the referrals that she has given both David Goldstein & myself. Carol… We will take great care of your clients. Carol is a Family Law Attorney that exclusively practices all aspects of family law with emphasis in divorce, paternity, custody and support issues.

Deborah Frankle

Stephen Strocker, an Aflac representative, would like to thank Michael Allawos, President and CEO of Allawos & Company a global consulting services company for an introduction to the owner of a manufacturing company. Stephen also thanks Sam Bludyan of American Healthcare Equities for arranging a meeting with Sam and his girlfriend to see if Aflac’s programs would be beneficial for her.

Stephen Strocker