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This Week's Networking Tip:


by Eric Shaw

The following is a strange but true story.

Our setting: 1994, Westwood, California, the world premiere of a new motion picture, Interview With The Vampire, based on the best-selling novel by Anne Rice.

My editor, Joel Eisenberg, attended the star-studded evening as an aspiring screenwriter. Following the well-received screening, Joel decided he would use the restroom prior to the long drive home. As he waited… and waited…for the next available stall, he realized who was standing in front of him, also waiting: Tom Cruise, the star of the film.

At that moment, the person standing in front of Tom, waiting as well, turned around to congratulate him: Jim Carrey.

Anxious moments pass. And then there were three: Carrey first, followed by Cruise…and Eisenberg.

Twenty mil a picture…considerably more than $20 an hour as a marketing supervisor for a local public television station.

>From such humble beginnings…

Nonetheless, by the time he had left the restroom, Joel, then an inexperienced networker, realized his lost opportunity. For in the hallway, a screenwriter buddy of his had procured several phone numbers from a high-ranking studio executive…whom he met in the restroom.

Four months later, his friend had signed his first studio deal with that same executive.

And Joel went back to work on Monday, all the wiser.

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Attorney David Brownstein would like to thank:

Sid Richman of Best Alliance Foreclosure. He referred a client, a private lender who had hired Richman to foreclose on a note. The debtor filed bankruptcy and stopped the foreclosure; Brownstein was hired to protect the client's rights and seek court permission to resume the foreclosure.


Betzalel "Bitzy" Eichenbaum , a document imaging and printing specialist with BMC, Inc., would like to thank:

... Jose Troncoso of Austin Financial Services, a 12-year member of All Cities, for being an all-around nice guy and a very giving person. Bitzy says, "This morning we shared a coffee to get to know each other better. I pointed out that we at BMC can help virtually anyone with an office, and without hesitation he went to his contact list and quickly sent me three very strong referrals. I will make sure to repay in kind. People like to do business with people that they like. Thank you Jose for sharing!"


Doree Baklash of would like to thank:

... All Cities, the place where you learn how to network, make money and gain new friends … it's also where you reach-out when one of your dearest friends heartbreakingly tells you that she needs a new cancer doctor, and feels lost with nowhere to turn. Baklash says, "Within moments of clicking the send button, asking for help, my phone began to ring and e-mail messages flowed in full of advice about the best local options, personal recommendations, and heartfelt concern. All Cities … it's great for business, but it's not just about business … it's about people helping people. Thank you."


Ben Horowitz of Horowitz Appraisal Service would like to thank:

... Eric Shaw , founder of the All Cities Network, for taking the time to mentor him in taking his appraisal practice to the next level. Horowitz says, "If you have not taken advantage of Eric's expertise and knowledge, I strongly suggest you contact him now and put his networking experience to work for you and your business. His direct help to me has made Horowitz Appraisal Service the ‘go to' residential appraisal firm for trust administration, family law, and bankruptcy appraisals.


Wayne Slappy of Waddell & Reed would like to thank:

… Attorney Ken Greene for taking great care of his client. Slappy says, "Complaints are opportunities waiting to be addressed. My client was expressing concerns about a vendor. He told me that the relationship turned extremely sour and that an attorney seemed like the only solution. I reached out to Ken while I was still on the phone with my client. Within 20 minutes of hanging up the phone, I was being thanked by my client. Ken had already reached out to him and started the process of getting it squared away."






Mon. May 4 at the Camarillo Business Finance Group hosted by Saalex Information Technology LLC, Sam Bludyan of Keller Williams Realty will speak on "How to Navigate the New All Cities Website."


Wed. May 6 at the Century City Business Finance Group hosted by the Marcum CPA firm, Jerry Friedman of Keller Williams Realty will speak on "Probate in Real Estate."


Thu. May 7 at the Woodland Hills Business Finance Group hosted by SST CPA'S and The Tax Resolution Institute, Steve Strocker of Aflac will speak on "The Benefits of Aflac."


Fri. May 8 at the Century City Real Estate Group hosted by Gerber and Company CPAs, Allen Lissauer of Strategic Economic Partners will speak on "Cost Savings Strategies for Businesses and Commercial Property Owners."


Tue., May 19 at the Westwood Business Finance Group hosted by Singer Lewak CPAs, Selwyn Gerber of Gerber & Company CPAs will speak on "Power Negotiating."


Fri. May 22 at the Sherman Oaks Real Estate Group hosted by the law firm of Levinson, Arshonsky and Kurtz, attorney Stephen Fenster of Schwartz & Fenster will speak on "Procedures, Advantages, and Disadvantages in the Enforcement of Secured Real Property Transactions."


Wed., May 27 at the Westlake Business Finance Group hosted by UBS, Steve Greenwood, a California estate planning attorney will speak on "Getting Off the Government Plan."

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The ALL CITIES NETWORK is a California-based organization that sponsors a series of business networking groups that meet monthly throughout Southern California.


The concept behind the All Cities Network is that networking and selling do not mix. Instead, we develop businesses links made up of key advisers, defined as professionals who help characterize the financial position of their clients.


Currently, there are 20 All Cities networking groups to choose from. Each group meets once a month in various locations throughout Southern California.


There are 10 Business/Finance groups, three Film/Media groups, two Commercial Real Estate groups, three Professional Resources groups, one Professionals Under 40 group, and one International group. (See the Monthly Meetings page at for more information.)