Books and Media

Imagine walking into a Barnes & Noble store and seeing a copy of your book, with your name as author on the front cover, in the "New Releases" section. And you're not a writer! In fact, you never wrote a word! It happened to Eric Shaw, founder of THE ALL CITIES NETWORK, INC., who spoke about his acclaimed work, Championship Networking, at a recent Barnes & Noble signing.

As a result of that appearance, Eric now hosts a national radio show of the same name and is listed in the online Forbes Book Club as one of the World's Business Leaders

ChampionshipNetworkingbookPageHis primary companies, NEW YORK CREDIT and the ALL CITIES NETWORK, INC., continue to reap the rewards of his unique marketing effort.

It happened to Eric, why not to you?

THE ALL CITIES LIBRARY is an offshoot of the ACMG, providing media-related opportunities for its members to expand their business on an international level. Along with his business partner, ACMG president Joel Eisenberg, Eric formed THE ALL CITIES LIBRARY in early 2007, an exclusive full-service media entity.

The mission of THE ALL CITIES LIBRARY is to brand and market member businesses by creating intellectual property and speaking opportunities.

Our staff of ghostwriters will write books, press releases, articles and newslettersand create audio books and DVDs based on your business.

We then make your book or DVD available on an international basis through retail brick-and-mortar stores and Internet outlets.Domestically, books will be distributed by Ingram,the largest distributor of its kind in the United States.




filmAnother service of THE ALL CITIES LIBRARY is to novelize screenplays and films for production companies looking to expand related intellectual property. Contact our office for further details

The ALL CITIES SPEAKERS BUREAU, a specialty division of THE ALL CITIES LIBRARY, offers exclusive media training opportunities from television and radio professionals, and in-demand media guests.

Other member services include telephone conferencing, book club placement and PR.

Contact Joel Eisenberg at 818-891-2223 for a customized marketing proposal based on your wants and needs.