Anita Rodal

President and CEO
SBPI Services
1007 N. Sepulveda Blvd., #81
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Phone: 310-536-0046
Fax: 888-323-6024

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Business Bio:

Anita Rodal is President and CEO of SBPI Services, Inc. SBPI Services specializes in International Securities Based Loans, Global Payment Solutions and Currency Exchange, and, domestically, Non-traditional Business Funding.

Since 2006, Ms. Rodal has represented a private commercial lender, and funded clients all over the world, by collateralizing their stock portfolios. Collateralized shares have been listed on exchanges in Western Europe, Canada, US, Mexico, Hong Kong and Singapore. To further assist international businesses, Ms. Rodal provides 24/7 global payment solutions and currency exchange, representing one the world's largest and oldest non-bank currency exchange organizations.

Ms. Rodal has been a guest speaker across the US, and in Mexico, on the subject of Securities Based Loans, for organizations such as California Association of Realtors, FIABCI-USA, CREOBA, and RCI Luxury Markets Symposium.

Within the US, Ms. Rodal also provides non-collateralized business loans for retail oriented companies, lines of credit against receivable for manufacturers and distributors, and equipment leasing as well.

Immediately prior to founding SBPI Services, Inc. Ms. Rodal was a Business Development Officer for a commercial bank, originating commercial real estate loans. In her previous life, Ms. Rodal was a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, who worked with cardiac patients in the Cardiac Rehab Department at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center for many years, and then founded Cardion, an independent outside repping firm for Phillips Medical Automated External Defibrillators, which sold more AEDs than the American Red Cross west of the Rockies.

Personal Bio:

BA Linguistics, UC Irvine

MS Exercise Physiology, Cal Poly Pomona

Native Californian, born in Santa Monica, grew up in Beverly Hills. Lived in Caracas Venezuela for 3-1/2 years following graduation from UC Irvine. Fluent in Spanish. An avid animal rescuer who loves travel, architecture, reading and the laid-back pace of life in Manhattan Beach.