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Greg Stuart

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Greg Stuart
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Greg Stuart, Certified Business Coach and President, Harmony Solutions International

My clients refer to me as a “fitness coach for their business.” I started my career at Deloitte. Some examples of results achieved with Organizations and Individuals:

Recently, I took a national restaurant chain through a “Cycle Time Reduction” process, increasing their profit (EBITDA) by $5 million annually.

I coached a health-care system through severe staff conflict and to increased patient visits, shorter appointment times and significantly increased profit.

An international high-tech manufacturer used our strategic planning and sales development processes to execute improved results and higher profits in Europe, Asia and the United States.

A couple law firms used our ADVanced Insights assessment process to learn about each other, then executed the strategic plan we developed to form a new law firm.

An Accounting Firm has us conduct their annual and quarterly planning sessions.

A financial planner used our coaching process to go from near last to 2nd best in his office in six months.

An equipment distribution and sales company uses our DIALOG (Data Indicating Alignment of Organizational Goals) organizational assessment tool annually to gauge employee engagement.

Some other things about me:

I coached a 55 year-old Belgian runner through Death Valley in a 135-mile foot race in July, covering 117 miles with him in 120 degree plus heat in 2004. I completed the Boston Marathon in 2004 & won an 8 mile national championship ocean swim in 2000.

When I was 27 years old in 1986, I was elected the youngest-ever President of the LA Junior Chamber of Commerce and served out the term of my predecessor plus my own, turning the organization around. We transformed the lives of young professionals with a theme of serving the burgeoning homeless population in LA.

My wife, Elaine, and I married in 1988. Our kids are Brooke (La Reina 2014, Loyola Marymount U), David & Michael (both Westlake HS). We have lived in Thousand Oaks since 1991. The 5 of us traveled by RV for a year in 2005, visiting 40 states and 50 National Parks while homeschooling our kids & expanding my marketing practice.

California Lutheran University, MPA, 1995. Taught Leadership and Ethics 2010-13.

Arizona State University, BS, Accounting 1980. While there, I coached bank tellers how to read the body language of their customers. The bank went from last to first in customer service ratings in six months.

New Mexico Military Institute, High School, 1976


Business Strategy, Execution, Leadership, Global, Asia, Europe, International, Management, Executive Coaching, Team Building, Time Management, Sales, Customer Experience, Process Improvement, Cycle Time Reduction, Personality Profile Assessment, Organizational Development, Human Resources, Measurement, DISC