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Phil Condit is a life-long filmmaker having started at age 13 when 8mm (regular, not super) was the available format. In college, Phil studied Film and Art and produced two award winning films, Some Tormenting Dream, a drama based on a friend who committed suicide on campus, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, an experiment in technique circa 1916, in which he replicated the silent movie technique complete with hand cranking the camera.

After college Phil spent over 20 years with a documentary film unit at the Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA, starting as an assistant and working his way up to Chief of Broadcast Productions, then Director. The facility produced over thirty national and international award-winning films during that time, many of which aired on PBS and other stations across the country. One of the first documentaries was titled, Tourette's Syndrome: the Sudden Intruder, narrated by Jack Lemmon. Most people now know that Tourette's Syndrome is a combination of uncontrollable tics and involuntarily vocalizations including the uttering of curse words - and that is in large part due to the film. The filmmakers created the first diagnostic definition of exactly what the disease is and disseminated it worldwide.

Phil also was a pioneer in the use of component video (R, G, B). Phil turned his 16mm documentary film unit into the first functional all-component production facility in the early 1980s.

Currently, Phil Condit is a writer/producer/director of independent features with a focus on horror and grind-house films under the label, Sick Puppy Pictures. He is currently shopping for a distribution deal for his first feature titled, Empress Vampire, starring former porn queen Ange Venus, and putting together the production package for his next film titled, Girl Prey.

Phil Condit also owns and operates PHC Productions, a boutique film and photography production facility serving clients as diverse as Microsoft and Johnson and Johnson.

Phil's photography is represented by Getty Images and his fine art photography has been in numerous shows across the country.