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Rexford Harris

LPL Financial Advisor
Kingdom Wealth Management, Inc.

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Financial Advisor

Business Bio:

Mr. Rex Harris is a senior finance executive who after obtaining his Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) from Troy State University has proven himself with more than 15 Years of relevant experience in leadership finance and strategy roles leading people and managing resources, having worked at various levels of government and in the financial services industry. He has extensive operational experience coupled with experience in running investigative and audit teams. He has held mid-level management positions in the US Government, has served as the head of an office for an investment brokerage firm and currently runs his own brokerage firm in the Financial Services Industry.

Most recently he formed, Kingdom Wealth Management and was responsible for setting up all accounting internal processes/policies. He directed the implementation of Tier One accounting systems including designing the allocation processes. Mr. Harris developed financing forecasts and the framework for business unit manager operational/capital budgets. He was an active participant in the financial activities leading to the company’s successful Launch in 2014.

In forming his firm, Mr. Harris recognized that many retirement plans fail to meet the needs of their companies and their employees. Mr. Harris developed value added retirement plan services that enhance corporate retirement plans and help make them an integral part of the company business plan. Kingdom Wealth Management is a financial firm that has a focus on delivering the best retirement plan advice to as many businesses in its service area. By looking at both ERISA and Non-ERISA Business and utilizing a bank/payroll distribution program that is agnostic to any platform, Kingdom Wealth Management provides the solutions to corporate clients that are in their best interests’ long term. Mr. Harris does this by utilizing a documented system tailored to a company’s’ needs with a spotlight on actions that lower company’s risk of negative findings from DOL Audits and elevates the employee’s outcomes.

While at the US Government, Mr. Harris developed financial and operational policies/procedures, conducted courses in same for finance/AML in which training was provided to multiple groups of foreign dignitaries and officials to include Guatemalan Customs Officials, Mexican Customs Official, 20 East Asian Country Officials as part of ASEAN and Egyptian Customs Officials. He led several major risk assessments on practices and procedures employing risk management techniques and financial forecasting to revise and develop a multi agency incident response for a government facility in compliance with the Incident Command Structure and the National Incident Management System. Mr. Harris proposed program changes that improved the investigative efficiency of employment investigations and developed cost saving measures utilizing basic economic principles to reduce fuel consumption district wide.

While at the US Government, Mr. Harris led a team of fourteen investigators, analysts, and accountants along with outside auditors in Money Laundering investigations. In one matter the review of an organization led to the discovery of numerous bank accounts (more than one hundred) associated with more than forty shell corporations, which led to the creation of an financial database and the commingled funds were traced and eventually illicit earnings greater than $7,000,000.00 were revealed to have gone through more than forty bank accounts and a number of residential properties. This led to the forfeiture of more than $2,000,000.00. In another matter, reviews of evidence led to the discovery pay/owe books and receipts for which an accounting system had to then be created. The cash was correlated to multiple banking deposits in multiple accounts leading to the seizure/forfeiture of 2,000,000.00 in real property in Los Angeles County.

Mr. Harris is a results oriented strategic thinker. He adds significant value in a fast paced growth environment, where management and the board of directors are committed to client / customer satisfaction, profitable revenue growth and increased shareholder value.