Steve Wold

S&W Communication Inc.
14714 Lull St., Suite A
Van Nuys, CA 91405

Phone: 818-786-7050 X 205
Fax: 818-786-3289

Professional Services Group

Professional Service:


Lawyers, accountants, non-profits, manufacturing, doctors, insurance companies.

Business Bio:

Steve Wold started in the telephone industry in 1978 as a purchasing agent. He went on to work for several large Interconnect Telephone companies as Operations Manager and in sales. With this experience in his pocket, he decided to start S&W Communications in February 1987 on the premise that a business can provide exceptional service to customers and remain honest in business. He currently oversees S & W's operations, accounting, and administration, while serving as its President.

S&W has over 3,000 active customers who call when they need a new Digital or Voip telephone system, service or additions on their existing systems, cabling for data, phone, TV or paging and also when they need more bandwidth for their internet or dial tone for their office.