Always Carry Your Business Cards



This Week’s Networking Tip:
 by Eric Shaw
Carry your business cards regardless of where you are, but…never waste them. They were not free, and there is no reason to be cavalier. It does nothing for your image. Furthermore, make sure you receive a card from everyone you meet, and write down the date, name of the event, and a few key words about the person to prepare for a follow-up.

Incidentally, keep your business cards white, and not glossy.  If you disregard this valuable piece of advice, sure, you can create a great-looking card. However, there is nowhere for your new contact to write information about you.

There is a notable exception, though. The Japanese find writing on a business card insulting. Be mindful.

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The testimonials below describe ways in which our members, through networking at All Cities meetings, have made connections that have made them money.

JOEL GOINGS, vice president with Wells Fargo, would like to thank…

STUART GREENBERG of Infinity Capital Funding, LLC, for introducing him to an opportunity to finance a business acquisition in a dental office. He said, “We are both lenders but understand that we serve different needs in the market.”

ANITA RODAL, CEO and President of SBPI Services, would like to thank…

BOB DENHERT, CEO of PLTC Trade Services, for allowing her to help his company with currency exchange with China.


MIKE FEDRICK, an attorney with Loza and Loza, for allowing her to help his law firm better work with their Chinese clients. She said, “Through AFEX, Loza and Loza can invoice their clients and collect their fees in Chinese Yuan. AFEX then does the currency exchange into US dollars for L&L at a better rate than the banks would give either party, and with the ability to lock in the rate so there is no risk should the rate fluctuation. This makes L&L more competitive in the Chinese market.”


MICHAEL GOLDMAN, CFO of Incubrand Studios, for referring a film company to her for help with both receiving and moving funds to other countries as they grow, as well as his personal international currency needs.

CJ GROSS of Cal Fed Investigations would like to thank….

HOWARD BLUM, Collection Attorney, for hiring Cal Fed Investigations to locate a debtor in a collection case and bringing in Cal Fed Investigations in two cases involving fraud and asset investigations.


GARY BREGMAN of Old Republic Title for introducing him to a Commercial Broker for a very specific investigative need to facilitate a very large transaction.

GARY BREGMAN of Old Republic Title would like to thank…

STEPHEN FENSTER , Law Offices of Schwartz & Fenster and ERIC SHAW, President of New York Credit for requesting his assistance to close a real estate loan. He said, “We were asked to issue a title insurance policy to protect the lender’s secured position on the property. The transaction just closed!”

MICHAEL G. HOMEIER would like to thank…

JOEL GOINGS, of Wells Fargo Bank here in L.A., for referring an EB-5 hotel project of his in Gretna, Louisiana to the WFB loan office in New Orleans, to possibly refinance the bank construction loan initially provided by a bank that was recently taken over by the FDIC. He said, “Rather than merely inquire to confirm whether WFB has a New Orleans office, Joel went so far as to make an introduction to the refinancing officer in NOLA, enabling me to make a warm referral of my client’s principal to the officer directly. The client is now negotiating with WFB for the loan refinancing, thanks to Joel’s personal interaction.”



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by Eric ShawYou can order Eric Shaw’s book, Championship Networking, on Amazon, or download the audiobook.

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