FATCA: The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act


A Steven Spielberg film…does it matter which one? On a worldwide basis, what was the last film he made that has grossed under $150 mil? Would you go? Microsoft. Hostess. General Mills. James Bond…multi-billion dollar branded properties one and all.

Branding. No one takes a one-trick pony seriously. Perhaps you have five or six distinct products. Would it be logistically easier to create full-scale marketing plans for each of them, or would it be more prudent to brand the umbrella under which the individual products are produced, namely yourself or your company?

Today I am known as The Networking Personal Trainer. My book Championship Networking was released bearing that moniker—given to me by a business associate. Note to self: There is nothing more flattering than being branded by someone you met in a networking group.

To read other networking tips, pick up a copy of Championship Networking by Eric Shaw.DO ALL CITIES MEMBERS MAKE MONEY? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

The testimonials below describe ways in which our members, through networking at All Cities meetings, have made connections that have made them money.

Anita Rodal of Associated Foreign Exchange (AFEX) would like to thank:

John Barrentine of Red Real Estate for referring another realtor in his office for help with her Turkish clients who are buying a house in LA and will be bringing in currency from abroad.


… CPA Jennifer deSpain, the founder of Canyon Oak Financial, a tax and financial planning firm in Woodland Hills, for referring a client who is bringing money to the US from the sale of a house in France. He is pleased with the additional dollars in exchange for Euros he will receive with AFEX compared to what he would have received from his bank.

Appraiser David S. Serber would like to thank:

Eric Shaw of New York Credit Inc, a credit management firm and court-appointed receiver, who is also the founder of the All Cities Network, for a referral to Walter Buttkus of PMC Financial Services a nationwide direct lending source. The client has an animal hospital in Culver City that is in dispute. Serber says, “I inspected the property today, and it looks like I will be able to help them out. I truly appreciate the referral.”

Lorraine Jones of Option Funding, Inc. would like to thank:

David Goldstein of Wealthplan Network, Inc. for an introduction to Robert Baron, VP of Technicolor Credit Union, who expressed an interest in having a reverse loan consultant that he could send members to for information.


Jennifer deSpain of Canyon Oak Financial for the referral to one of her clients who has applied for a reverse loan. Jones says, “Thank you, Jennifer, for the trust you have in me to take the best possible care of your client.”

Howard Loeb, an attorney concentrating in fraud litigation, “business divorces,” and dealer-distribution matters, would like to thank:

Howard Blum, a debt recovery litigation attorney, appropriately called the “Best Lawyer Uncovering Money.” Blum was very generous with his time in providing information that will aid Loeb in his efforts to enforce a sizeable judgment he just obtained for a client after a trial.

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ALL CITIES GUEST SPEAKER LINEUP Mon., Feb 1 at the Camarillo/Ventura Business Finance Group hosted by CPI Solutions, Gary Bregman of Old Republic Title will speak on “The Pitfalls of Incorrect Real Estate Titling.” Fri., Feb 5 at the International Business Group hosted by Homeier & Law PC, CPA Ed Mofrad of Mofrad Financial will speak on “FATCA: The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act,” a hot topic among the worldwide expat community. To see the calendar of All Cities meetings, click here. You can order Eric Shaw’s book, Championship Networking, on Amazon. WHAT IS THE ALL CITIES NETWORK? The ALL CITIES NETWORK is a California-based organization that sponsors a series of business networking groups that meet monthly throughout Southern California. The concept behind the All Cities Network is that networking and selling do not mix. Instead, we develop business links made up of key advisers, defined as professionals who help characterize the financial position of their clients. Currently, there are 22 All Cities networking groups to choose from. Each group meets once a month in various locations throughout Southern California, plus one meeting in San Francisco. There are 10 Business/Finance groups, three Film/Media groups, three Commercial Real Estate groups, three Professional Resource groups, one Professionals Under 40 group, one Technology group, and one International group. (See the Monthly Meetings page at www.allcities.org for more information.)