Learn How to Network through Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook


Charisma: (n.): Having or displaying the trait of personal magnetism. To read other networking tips, pick up a copy of Championship Networking by Eric Shaw. To enhance your CQ (Charisma Quotient) and attract the broadest network possible, convert these ten habits to reflex:

  • address people by their first names to develop a sense of familiarity;
  • smile consistently and authentically;
  • take initiative and discuss a follow-up meeting on the spot;
  • invite people to events that may be of interest to them, regardless of whether you are appearing there or not;
  • comport yourself consistently from meeting to meeting;
  • become a teacher;
  • become a resource;
  • be creative;
  • treat everyone with the same degree of respect

and … to quote a popular ad campaign: “Never let ’em see you sweat.” (Remember, if you’re not nervous, you’re not networking. Be conscious and don’t externalize.)






The testimonials below describe ways in which our members, through networking at All Cities meetings, have made connections that have made them money.

GENE MASSEY of MediaShares would like to thank:


… The ALL CITIES NETWORK. Massey says, “For MediaShares, and me personally, the distinguishing factor for any networking group is the quality of the people you meet. I have found All Cities to be the best networking group I have ever been a member of, and I have made many wonderful contacts with very ethical and influential people over the years. All Cities has brought us Board Members and Advisory Board Members that have proved invaluable to MediaShares’ growth. I will continue to be associated with this truly beneficial and influential group for many years to come.”


DINA NEWMAN, of Organizing Concepts & Designs, would like to thank:


MARC SCHWARTZ, an Internet marketing consultant, for referring a friend for an estate sale. Newman says, “It was a perfect referral!” Newman would also like to thank STEVE GREENWOOD, an estate planning attorney, for reviewing her personal Will and Trust and providing some excellent advice. Newman looks forward to having Greenwood revise the Will and Trust in the near future.


CPA MARTIN JOSEPHSON of Marcum, LLP, would like to thank:


JOHN STIPANOV, a senior vice president at Preferred Bank, for the referral of a jewelry manufacturer. Besides providing the traditional accounting and tax advisory services, Josephson and Marcum provided advice and assistance in planning for the growth of their business to the founders and their children.


LARRY FRANK of Fidelity Mortgage Lenders, Inc., would like to thank:


KIMBERLY WINICK of Clark Trevithick for a referral for a loan on an office building for a client just emerging from bankruptcy.


RICHARD BROWNSTEIN would like to thank:


STEPHEN FENSTER of Schwartz and Fenster, a real estate and business litigation and transactional attorney for referring a Homeowner’s Association. One of its members was in bankruptcy and was accumulating delinquency fees of $51,000 per year. Fenster was successful in forcing a settlement with the association, which will be paid all of what is owed.


DEBORAH FRANKEL of Western International Securities would like to thank:


CAROL STERNBERG, a family law attorney practicing exclusively all aspects of family law with emphasis on divorce, paternity, custody, and support issues, for the referrals she provided to both David Goldstein and Frankel. Frankel says, “Carol, we will take great care of your clients.”


California Estate Attorney STEVE GREENWOOD would like to thank:


HOWARD BLUM, a collections attorney for helping him assist a client in the collections arena, JERRY FRIEDMAN, a real estate broker specializing in probate, for his insight regarding credit repair and tangential issues, and GREG OFFSAY, a commercial real estate broker, for thinking of Greenwood when a client sought a referral to get him off the government plan! Greenwood says, “A massive thank you to each of you!”


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ALL CITIES GUEST SPEAKER LINEUP On Mon., Mar. 7 there will be a lunch hosted by All Cities at the Law Firm of Greenberg Bass. The meeting topic will be “Learn How to Network through Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.”   Tue., Mar. 8 at the Westlake Village Business Finance Group (hosted by the Law Firm of Howard Loeb), Private Investigator C. J. Gross will speak on “When Would You Need Me?”     To see the calendar of All Cities meetings, click here.     You can order Eric Shaw’s book, Championship Networking, on Amazon.   WHAT IS THE ALL CITIES NETWORK?   The ALL CITIES NETWORK is a California-based organization that sponsors a series of business networking groups that meet monthly throughout Southern California.   The concept behind the All Cities Network is that networking and selling do not mix. Instead, we develop business links made up of key advisers, defined as professionals who help characterize the financial position of their clients.   Currently, there are 22 All Cities networking groups to choose from. Each group meets once a month in various locations throughout Southern California, plus one meeting in San Francisco. There are 10 Business/Finance groups, three Film/Media groups, three Commercial Real Estate groups, three Professional Resource groups, one Professionals Under 40 group, one Technology group, and one International group. (See the Monthly Meetings page at www.allcities.org for more information.)