Why is One Company Worth More Than Another?


Who in business doesn’t love to talk about themselves? When you have a breakfast or lunch meeting with a fellow networker, the natural tendency is to dominate the conversation to the point where you may want to tell the other party everything. That means that the other person asked you the right questions–or no question at all.
So here’s a switch: Do it in reverse. Massage your associates’ egos by asking questions that they can relate to, that they will want to talk about. When you massage an ego, the information will flow. Ask them the questions this time, to control the conversation.

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Do All Cities Members Make Money? You Be The Judge!

The testimonials below describe ways in which our members, through networking at All Cities meetings, have made connections that have made them money.

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Howard Loeb, an attorney specializing in fraud litigation and small entity breakups known as “corporate divorces,” would like to thank:

C.J. Gross of Cal Fed Investigations for his excellent work in a lawsuit as a licensed private investigator and certified fraud examiner in pursuing an unlicensed contractor. The Los Angeles Superior Court judge assigned to the case awarded the clients more than $250,000 in damages.


Alan Insul, an attorney concentrating in corporate transactions and real estate matters, for his help in understanding the new 2014 California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act (“RULLCA”) which has proved invaluable in a matter in which Howard provides legal representation.


Attorney David Brownstein would like to thank:

Eric Shaw of New York Credit, Inc., a company that manages accounts receivable portfolios, also the founder of the All Cities Network, and … Fred Lionetti of Continental Business Credit, an asset-based lending company, who helped him obtain a contact in Hana Financial. A client wanted to discuss the possible purchase of a secured note held by Hana Financial in a bankruptcy case. Brownstein said, “The client was amazed by the breadth of the network when I was able to get a same-day response from Hana Financial.”


Melvin Termain of Paradigm Property Management Services, Inc. would like to thank:

David Stairs at Moss and Company Commercial Real Estate Management Firm for referring an association

property to manage. Termain said, “We sincerely appreciate the thought; it won’t be forgotten.”


Billy Robbins of Novak Druce Connolly Bove & Quigg would like to thank:

David Brownstein, an attorney specializing in bankruptcy law including Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 filings for both individuals and businesses who referred a matter to me which included an individual who was looking for a patent attorney to provide consulting regarding procedures to protect an invention he had made.


Uriel Herrera of SST CPAs and The Tax Resolution Institute would like to thank:

Bob Fenster of SalesINK! for his continued support and training of our sales team. Herrera says, “Bob is a great sales coach and has helped us implement some great tools to help our sales team and company achieve our sales goals. Thank you Bob, we really appreciate your efforts.”


Kayvan Mott of Infinite Communications would like to thank:

Larry Hariton , an operational and financial consultant with The Hariton Group for providing valuable insight to Infinite Communications by measuring and assessing the right outputs, which has become the foundation of the company’s growth strategy for 2015.

All Cities Guest Speaker Line Up 

Wed. Jan. 14 at the Downtown Los Angeles Business & Finance Group, John Kirby of the Strategic Valuation Group will speak on “Why is One Company Worth More Than Another?”   Wed. Jan. 21 at the Torrance Pro Resource Group, Steve Wold of S&W Communication will speak on “Technology of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol): Differences and Similarities to Digital Technology.”   Wed. Jan. 28 at the Westlake Village Business & Finance Group, Doree Baklash of Blog It Edit will speak on “LinkedIn: How To Maximize Your Exposure.”   dayplanner_iStock_000000371598Small

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You can order Eric Shaw’s book, Championship Networking, on Amazon. WHAT IS THE ALL CITIES NETWORK? The ALL CITIES NETWORK is a California-based organization that sponsors a series of business networking groups that meet monthly throughout Southern California.        
 The concept behind the All Cities Network is that networking and selling do not mix. Instead, we develop businesses links made up of key advisers, defined as professionals who help characterize the financial position of their clients. Currently, there are 18 All Cities networking groups to choose from. Each group meets once a month in various locations throughout Southern California. There are Nine Business/Finance groups, three Film/Media groups, two Commercial Real Estate groups, and three Professional Resources groups. (See the Monthly Meetings page at allcities.org for more information.)