Why Join

All Cities Network Membership

Benefits of membership include:

  • Flexibility to attend unlimited meetings each month
  • Exposure to an ever-changing mix of business professionals at each meeting
  • Personalized coaching on Elevator Speeches and networking techniques
  • Ability to broadcast needs and deals, and post on website
  • Ability to broadcast wants and offers (i.e. have or want tickets to…)
  • Free PR via testimonials in the All Cities e-newsletter, distributed to 44,000 recipients, twice a month
  • Free PR via rotating member highlights on the All Cities website
  • Invitations to mixers, softball games and special events
  • Opportunity to do keynote presentations at two All Cities meetings each year
  • Access to hundreds of like-minded professionals
  • Posting of your business bio and professionally filmed elevator-speech video on the All Cities website

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Benefits of membership include:

The All Cities mantra is Any line item on a balance sheet or profit and loss statement can be handled by professionals in All Cities. That means we can accomplish anything to help companies grow.
(Please read member testimonials)
  • All Cities members are professionals in their respective fields and are held to high standards. They are expected to be punctual, reliable, and responsive.
  • Members must be well established in their businesses, such that they can be valuable referral sources for other All Cities members.

The main focus of the All Cities Network is B2B, however, we also welcome B2C professionals as well (subject to approval).

The Process

If you are interested in joining the All Cities Network, please fill out and submit the on-line Prospective Member Form (hyperlinked as you have it). Once you have been approved, you will be asked for payment. Prior to that time, if you are interested in attending an All Cities meeting as a guest, please contact Founder, Eric Shaw, at (310) 345-7912, or ericshaw@allcities.org.

What you need to know about joining All Cities

When you become a member of the All Cities Network, you will join the vertical that best aligns with your particular business focus. You can attend all the monthly meetings for your vertical at the various locations offered. However, you are not limited to just the meetings within your own vertical.

All Cities members are encouraged to step out of their “comfort zone” and visit as many of the groups within the All Cities Network as they are able to, every month (subject to availability*). There is no additional cost to do so. All Cities members have full access to the entire network.

  • Annual dues are $850
  • Members are requested to bring at least one qualified guest to a monthly meeting each quarter
  • Members must RSVP for each meeting they wish to attend. Doing so early assures that they will be able to attend all the meetings of their choice.

The main focus of the All Cities Network is B2B, however, we also welcome B2C professionals as well (subject to approval).

Each meeting is made up of 70% vertical members, 30% visiting vertical members.

You have to fill out the Prospective Member form first. Upon approval, you will be able to purchase membership. Join Now
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