Craig Stuart Adams

I would like to thank Atty Jeff Lerman for introducing his friend Darryl Schoen to me for the purpose of connecting him with a possible summer intern. We have all started somewhere and I am grateful for your referral.

Manuel Chicas

I wanted to thank Sean Hesami of Bank of the West  for his referral on 2/22/2018.
Client owns a couple of Buildings and is looking to expand more with construction loan worth of $1.5 million. Sean Hesami’s was nice enough to think of me, and he was super professional when handing over the client to me. Thank you Sean.

Anita Rodal

Thank you to Matt Mills of JPM Construction in San Francisco for trusting me with his currency transaction of USD to euros; Valerie Dufix of Dufix Business Loans in Beverly Hills (formerly of France) for her help with finding a banking solution for a US client of mine in Paris, France; and Sean Hesami of Bank of the West/BNP Paribas in Westlake Village for his help in connecting a US client of mine who is purchasing a second home in Nice, France, with his international team, who will help her open a bank account in Nice. It is virtually impossible for Americans to open bank accounts in France on their own.

Dale Johnsen

Dale Johnsen wants to thank Tina Kaufman of Insperity for going with me today to visit a prospective client in Westlake Village who needs a bid on payroll services.

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