The Foreclosure Process and the Importance of Properly Structuring Your Loan


You know those professionals who hang with the prominent speaker or guest of honor at a public or invitation-only engagement? They know exactly what they’re doing.

We once held a Dodger Stadium mixer. Everybody wanted to spend time with Frank McCourt, the owner of the Dodgers, who happened to deliver the event’s keynote address. Our audience was comprised primarily of bankers, attorneys, and accountants, the typical All-Cities crowd. It just so happened that Mr. McCourt also made several personal and professional associations during that event, and the relationships sustain to this day.

That’s where you want to be. Get to know those in influence, but also be sure you can create mutually beneficial scenarios. Networking is a two-way street.

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Marc Schwartz, an Internet Marketing Consultant with WSI Technology Marketing Associates would like to thank:

Mitchell Marcus of The MSM Technology, the premier business computer manufacturer, for inviting me in to review his marketing program.

Betzalel “Bitzy” Eichenbaum , a document imaging and printing specialist with BMC, Inc., would like to thank:

Gene Slusiewicz of Op-Syn Consulting, who has provided several leads/referrals. When Slusiewicz goes to a client that he believes can benefit from Eichenbaum’s services, Slusiewicz sends an introduction with a copy to the client. Eichenbaum says, “Recently he sent a referral to a client that we were already calling on, but that only adds to our credibility. Thank you, Gene.”

Kirk Marangi of Kirk Marangi Economic Valuations, a forensic economist and business valuator in Pasadena, would like to thank:

John Kirby, a business valuator at Strategic Valuation Group in Calabasas, for a referral that led to an assignment in a wage and hours class action lawsuit.

Reeva Simon Rivkin of Rivkin Insurance Services, would like to thank:

Doree Baklash of BlogItEdit for editing a Medicare seminar proposal to the City of Agoura Hills; Jennifer deSpain of Canyon Oak Financial for referring a health insurance client; Andrea Jacobs of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage for referring a health insurance client; and Peter Stephan of SST CPAs and the Tax Resolution Institute for tax advice.

ALL CITIES GUEST SPEAKER LINEUP Wed. Apr. 15 at the Torrance Pro Resource Group Sid Richman of Best Alliance will speak on “The Foreclosure Process and the Importance of Properly Structuring Your Loan.”Tue., Apr. 21 at the Westwood All Cities Business Finance Group hosted by Singer Lewak Accounting and moderated by Eric Shaw, founder and President of both NY Credit Inc and the All Cities Network, Gene Slusiewicz of Op Syn Consulting will speak about “Project Management Execution.” Fri. Apr. 24 at the Sherman Oaks Real Estate Group, Steve Wold of S & W Communications will speak on “Telephone Systems: VOIP vs. Digital.”

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You can order Eric Shaw’s book, Championship Networking, on Amazon.WHAT IS THE ALL CITIES NETWORK?

The ALL CITIES NETWORK is a California-based organization that sponsors a series of business networking groups that meet monthly throughout Southern California.

The concept behind the All Cities Network is that networking and selling do not mix. Instead, we develop businesses links made up of key advisers, defined as professionals who help characterize the financial position of their clients.

Currently, there are 20 All Cities networking groups to choose from. Each group meets once a month in various locations throughout Southern California.

There are 10 Business/Finance groups, three Film/Media groups, two Commercial Real Estate groups, three Professional Resources groups, one Professionals Under 40 group, and one International group. (See the Monthly Meetings page at for more information.)